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Exterior Chata Horec


Interior Chata Horec

Accommodation type Slovak room

Accommodation type Family 1

Accommodation type Family 2

Accommodation type Standard ´4´



Accommodation type Standard ´5´

A sauna and a jacuzzi

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The surroundings of the cottage (our MAGNETS)

Great Fatra

The hill occupies an extensive, mostly wooded four-square space, with the towns of Ružomberok, Martin, Turčianske Teplice and Banská Bystrica lying on its corners. The busiest tourist and ski centers are Malinô Brdo Ružomberok, Donovaly and since 2005 also the winter ski resort Revúcky raj, which is directly in the village with long ski lifts 1680m, 400m. The center of Malinô Brdo connects the cabin lift with the Hrabovo valley, where the upper station is the starting point for the tours to the other beautiful hills of Sidorovo, Šiprúň, Tlstá Hora, Smrekovica. A great retreat in the summer and winter enjoys the ridge passage from Ruzomberok through Smrekovice, Rakytov and Čierny Kameň to the chate under Borisov and further on the Krížna and Králova studňa.



ski resort

16 km from the pension – direction Banska Bystrica
Paragliding school
Rental of sporting goods
climbing wall
Ski school
The fairy-tale village of Habakuka
Ski resort Malinô-Brdo 25 km from the pension – direction Ružomberok


Recreation complex Gothal Liptovská Osada – a year-round open water world with a covered 25-meter stainless swimming pool, a relaxing and children’s pool, a sauna world, a fitness center with a climbing wall and a golf simulator.

The spa of Lúčka is situated on the southeast hill of Veľký Choč. The thermal springs are used here to treat women’s diseases (27 km). Below the ridge of the massive Prašivej are the mineral springs of Korytnica.

Tourist thermal pools in Liptovský Mikuláš – Tatralandia, Liptovský Ján, Bešeňová or beaches on Liptovska Mare and other natural swimming pools are also popular.